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The UPS man just made my shitty day SO MUCH BETTER. @xaimeh @dapperchicano  #LoveAndRocketsPorVida #JunotDiaz #JaimeHernandez #BestComboToHappenSinceChocolateMetPeanutbutter#XicanoArte
My “La Chicana” students created a beautiful altar this year.  #DiaDeLosMuertos #SoProud #ThisIsWhatCommunityLooksLike
Loteria inspired owl by CalaverasAndCorazones. La Luna.
Loteria inspired owl by CalaverasAndCorazones
Alright, summer. Do your worst. I’m ready for you.
My contribution for the Mira Mi Corazón He(art) Auction and scholarship fundraiser. Auction proceeds to benefit Chicano/Latino students pursuing post secondary education. Silent auction is February 15th at El Colegio in MPLS, MN. If you are interested in bidding but are unable to attend, please let me know!
So sleeeepy. Dry, dammit!
Heart for Chicano Studies benefit auction. Top to bottom; left to right: 1. Take two! This may be a felony. I’m not sure. Either way, thanks USPS! 2. Borderlands.  3. Problem-solving 4. Prep and prime! Please hurry up and dry. This thing is due in less than 24 hours.
Making a heart for the Chicano Studies auction. (Top to bottom; from left to right) 1. Heart provided by the department 2. I don’t do well with 2D / Bought a staple gun! 3. Wheat Thins are yummy. 4. Decoupage FAIL.